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1.  NSF CAREER AWARD (2019-2024), $675,000 ... More Details to Come

***I will be looking to hire at least one postdoctoral researcher to start by approximately May 2019 ... does this fit your timeline?

If so, please email me at MFCAIN@HAWAII.EDU.  Attach PDFs of your resume/CV, a research summary, and a statement of interest in OUR research projects.***  Minimum qualifications include:  expertise in the synthesis of air- and water-sensitive organometallic and/or Main Group complexes, excellent writing and communication skills, experience mentoring undergraduates and first- and second-year graduate students, and a hardworking/no excuses/tough-minded attitude.  

2.  ACS-PRF (2022-2024), $110,000 ... More Details to Come

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