The Group

Pure compounds since 2014.

PI:  Matthew F. Cain (MFC), 






















The researchers behind these pure compounds range from undergraduates to graduate students to community college lecturers to Postdoctoral Research Fellows.


Current researchers:

Mika Nakashige (BA Chemistry (with Honors), Williams College, PhD Student)

Matthew Riek (BS Chemistry, Allegheny College, PhD Student)

Preston Miura-Akagi (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2015 Graduate, now PhD Student)

Amy Chinen (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2017 Graduate with Honors, now MS Student)

Garrett Nada (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2019 Graduate, now MS Student)

Celeste Guiles (Undergraduate, BS Chemistry (Physics minor), Expected Graduation: Spring 2021)

Jazmyne Guittap (Undergraduate, BS Chemistry, Expected Graduation: Spring 2022)

[You?]  Looking for a 3rd undergraduate (maybe...), IF you can do three terms of Chem 399 (Research).  

Summer Help

Sierra McCarty (Undergraduate Researcher, Bowdoin College, Expected Graduation: Spring 2022)

Dr. Daniel Brayton (UH Manoa Instructor, PhD in Chemistry, UC-Irvine)

Kevin Magnuson (Leeward Community College Lecturer, MS in Chemistry, UH Manoa 2012)







Former researchers:


Caitlin Maile, graduated Spring 2015, moved to Oregon; Currently: Real job  

Brandon McMurtry (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2016 Graduate); Currently:  Graduate Student, Columbia University

Uyen Freitas (BA Biochemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2015 Graduate); Currently:  Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), UH Manoa

Jarin Loristo (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2016 Graduate); Currently:  Graduate Student (MBBE), UH Manoa

Lesley Wong (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2016 Graduate); Currently: Pharmacy School, University of Washington

Shelly Oshiro (BS Biology, UH Manoa Spring 2017 Graduate); Currently:  Applying to graduate programs


Cameron Reissmueller (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2017 Graduate); Currently:  Searching for a real job


Cyrus Ma (BS Chemistry, Graduated Spring 2019); Currently: Physician Assistant Program, Northwestern University, Chicago,                       Illinois. 

Michael DiMartino (Undergraduate, Transferred to University of Pennsylvania); Graduated from UPENN.


Daniel Zhou (Undergraduate, BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2020 Graduate); Currently: Graduate Student, University of                            Washington.  

Gabor A. Nemeth (BS Chemistry, UH Manoa Spring 2020 Graduate); Currently: Applying to graduate programs

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Brant Landers (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Former Institution:  UH Manoa); Currently:  Environmental consultant


Dr. Jakub Hyvl (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Former Institution:  MIT); Currently: Assistant Professor, UH Manoa

Round 2 at D&B's (9/29/2016)

Left to right:  Preston, Brant, MFC, Kevin, Mika, Jakub, Matt, Rice (Amy), and Cameron.

Missing:  Shelly :(

The first official (and low quality) group photo was taken at our "we survived the first term" party, which ironically was held early in the second term (1/2015).  Unfortunately, Kevin could not attend, but (left to right) Shelly, Matt, Caitlin, and Preston enjoyed some awesome Japanese food at a Akasaka, a tiny hole in the wall restauarant in Honolulu.  And yes, we are sitting on the floor.  


Slightly higher quality photos below.






The second official (and higher quality) group photo was taken at Dave and Buster's (6/2015).  The group continues to balloon, reaching an all-time high of 7 researchers.  


Second Row (left to right):  Preston, Brandon, Matt, and Kevin

First Row (left to right):  Uyen, Mika, Caitlin, and Shelly


We had a pretty good time!


Seconds before Caitlin accepts defeat in a giant game of Connect 4.  Matt was undefeated all night.  :)

Kevin doing virtual jump rope.


Brandon and Uyen in a motorcycle race.

Uyen is driving without a license.  

"Red Cup" 

D&B keeping up with the times ... no bouncing